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Organisational Structure

It is essential that key elements of organisational design are properly aligned and ‘in tune’ with each other; that there is ‘strategic fit’ between these elements of strategy, structure, people and processes.

Too often organisations spend too much time drawing the new organisational chart boxes and far too little time considering and adjusting processes or people strategies. Structure is only one facet of an organisations’s design

Just like a jig-saw or a tapestry, the strategic elements must fit together to make a complete picture. A business strategy for a knowledge-intensive business that does not comprehend people issues around attraction, retention and rewards is ‘management by hope’!

Processes or systems too need to be carefully developed or refined to ensure that they are aligned and supportive of the strategy.

Seeking to align these critical elements of organisational design may seem to be adding complexity to the organisational plans. It is our experience that not to do so renders execution difficult if not impossible and strategy little more than wishful thinking.

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